Corregidor island how to get there

Posted on 20.06.2018 by Caryl
Join in on nightly explorations of the island and some of its old and historic spots. This island divides the entrance to Manila Bay into two, creating a north and south entrance. Watch out for events that might pique your interest, from group tours on the island to. Under the Magsaysay Shipping Lines group, they are committed to be the leading provider of quality.

But the most convenient and safest way to get to the island is through a tour via Sun Cruises, Inc.

Fun, cheers and good times all await you. I'm wondering how to get to corregidor without really spendng much. Here are some info on how to get there coming from Manila. At the end of the day employees leave the island only the night shift employees are allowed to stay. It has always been on my bucket list but never got the chance to visit it.
Get in on the tours that will surely have you and your friends screaming and shouting out in glee. It is managed by the Corregidor Foundation Inc. Corregidor Island is rich in history both in the story and historical sites. Corregidor falls under the jurisdiction of Cavite City. Tourists may visit Corregidor Island almost any time of the year, except when there is a typhoon or inclement weather conditions. It is a memorial to the bravery of the Filipino and American soldiers. Corregidor is a touring island there are no public transportation around.