How to measure bra size with sagging breasts

Posted on 20.06.2018 by Admin
Fitting Guide for All Bra Types. As you know, most bras are sized via band then cup.
In fact, measuring bra size is although not a challenging task but it does sound confusing for many women. LiviRae Lingerie can help you when you're having bra spillage other bra problems. Its because a large group of women dont know how to measure bra size. Wearing your favorite bra style will no longer be a problem. A well fitted bra can totally make or break an outfitbut figuring out how to measure your bra size is NOT easy.
Watch Molly Cynthia's TitTalk about how to measure your bra size if you have different breast sizes. I prefer to do it with out the bra. If your nipple isnt located approximately halfway down the top half of your back, adjust your bra straps to make them tighter.