Vigor 3300 vpn settings

Posted on 01.06.2018 by Admin
Those private address ranges are not visible to the internet - they are only reachable through the VPN tunnel, and that tunnel will only carry data to its preset destination. As the London office will receive incoming VPN connections from Liverpool, we first need to enable dial-in access. Setting up London's Router to receive incoming VPN. Vigor - Example LAN-to-LAN VPN Setup.

The series'robust firewall offers a rich suite of security features like stateful packet inspection.

Status fonksiyonu aktive etmek icin Active i secin. If oyu have an earlier firmware version, you should download and install the latest firmware before proceeding. Profile Name Bu profile bir isim atay?n.

Select Remote Access Control Setup from the router's VPN men, and set it as shown below enabled and then click OK.

Under Dial-Out settings we set the VPN type to IPSec once again. This example is for an environment with a static IP at each office. X, detayl? Above, is a simple example of a VPN between two offices. ayarlar icin LAN Setup k?sm?n? inceleyiniz.