How to grow longan in malaysia

Posted on 30.06.2018 by Admin
Can you grow a longan tree from seed. However, the use of sprinklers on a timer may result in over. Dig a hole three times as deep as the container hol. Some physical and chemicalmethods can be tried to induce flowering in the longan tree.

Because longan fruit is difficult to find in the grocery store, some cooks and gardeners grow their own trees to assure a supply of the fragile tropical fruit.

However, the trees don't come true from seed -- meaning your seed-grown tree may not bear quality or familiar-tasting fruit -- so this is a less-reliable method. You can also grow longan in container following the same procedure. There are many longan cultivers that are difficult to flower.

The video shows detailed method of growing longan tree from seeds.

The longan's relatives include lychee and rambutan. The exotic fruit of the longan tree Dimocarpus longan Lour. Longan can be grown from seed if you cannot find a longan tree to purchase.