Sons of anarchy why does otto kill nurse

Posted on 03.07.2018 by Debbi
State your name for the record. Son of Anarchy is nothing if not unpredictable even when it gets silly and goes off the rails, as it will do from time to time, hence the brutal final moments of the season three premiere. Kurt Sutter puts himself through some tough shit. Motherfing otto using a scalp like a boss.
You told me exactly what you were gonna have Otto do. Toric who has sworn revenge against the motorcycle club, tells Clay he can only remain in protective custody if he cooperates in building a case against Samcro. Marshall Lee Toric, the brother of the nurse Otto Delaney killed. The street outside the funeral home in Charming is swamped, full of the mourners come to pay respect to the fallen Half-Sack, stabbed to death by Cameron Hayes. The nurse that was murdered, she was my sister. Blind-Ass Otto Kills the Nurse. Clay initially refuses, but after being transferred to general population and realizing he is certain to be murdered in retaliation for two deaths, he agrees to help Toric.
These next few months will be the most excruciatingly painful time of your sick and miserable life. Played by American actor and show creator Kurt Sutter, Otto makes his debut on the episode Giving Back in the series' first season. In this Sons of Anarchy Character Analysis video, I discuss the character traits known to Otto Delaney. Previously on Sons of Anarchy Clay Morrow killed your father.