Wordpress settings api class

Posted on 02.06.2018 by Admin
Gives a very handy way to build theme or plugins option panel. Php which provides fairly strict capabilities checking.

When we apply settings API on the the settings pages nothing is displayed.

Checkout the examples folder for OOP and procedural example. New settings pages can be registered along with sections and fields inside them. Subscribe to updates I use wordpress-settings-api-class. That way we are saying with fields belongs to which section. Making a Settings Page Compatible with Settings API. Package Installation via Composer. Tabs contains sections, sections contain fieldform elements and settings are just the value attribute of the form elements.
A detailed tutorial can be found here. A PHP class abstraction that removes all the headaches of the WordPress settings API under the hood and builds a nice options panel on the fly. There may or may not be tabs or sections but categorization is better. Because we've already looked at each of the menu functions, we don't need to rehash each of the functions that WordPress has available. Organizing registration and validation of fields still requires some effort from developers using the Settings API, but avoids a lot of complex debugging of underlying options management. WordPress settings API is used to populate pages produced by wordpress menu API. To install this package, edit your composer.