How to make portuguese egg tart puff pastry

Posted on 02.06.2018 by Alfonso
The cornstarch is there to stabilize the filling. If you want to make the perfect indent in puff pastry the trick is to use something with weight and back the puff pastry for a couple of minutes in the oven.

Having them right out of the oven is a whole new experience against the lukewarm version you get from the store.

I have attempted several times trying to make Pasteis De Nata several times and they werent as good until I discovered Kitchen Tigress Portuguese Egg Tarts. Fill the pastry tins with the mixture and bake the tarts until they're set and the pastry browns a little. I made it a point to my husband that we couldnt afford not to try out the Portuguese Egg Tarts. These tarts are a festive breakfast or lunch dish and is something different than your usual bacon and eggs.
A crisp pastry shell houses creamy custard before baking until golden for this beloved Portuguese egg tart recipe from George Mendes. Enjoy these classic egg tarts at room temperature or while they're slightly warm from the oven. They were as good as they were claimed to be.