How does the solar rebate work in victoria

Posted on 30.05.2018 by Shasta
Households approved for the Solar Homes subsidy will be provided with an eligibility number and a link to apply for the rebate once the solar power system is installed. Information that is missing at this point is how long applications will take to process and the timeframe for the rebate to be issued.
There's a new generous solar rebate available in Victoria. Looking for solar power in Victoria. As a consumer, how do I apply to be part of this Package. Andrews also promised to include renters in the solar and battery rebate program if given a new term. Learn about the benefits and compare solar power installers from the across state. The Solar Homes package includes two rebates that are available now.
Questions to Ask When Considering Solar. Where do I find out about the battery rebates that I heard about in the news recently. Information and advice on what you should know about the Victorian Government's Solar Homes subsidy.