What is the colour of an animal cell

Posted on 12.09.2018 by Admin
Where is the nucleus present in a nerves cell. We use dyes and stains to see the different structures in a cell. What is the color of the nucleus in a animal cell. What are the functions of the nucleus in a plant cell.
The colors we see in animals and people are the result of naturally occurring pigments made inside the cells but outside the nucleus. What is the color of nerve cells. I saw a lot of images that showed stained cells, so be careful. You can see more by Googling unstained animal nucleus and clicking on Images. Unstained, the nucleus is a clear glass-gray color. This is a good thing, since the lens of the eye is covered with a layer of cells that keep it healthy.
Animal cells don't contain chloroplasts. The most common dye for the nucleus is hematoxylin. What happen to the cells that have lack of the nucleus. What is the nucleus of cheek cells. What is the color of an animal cell.