How long to use progesterone suppositories during pregnancy

Posted on 09.06.2018 by Bradly
I was taking progesterone suppositories for after IVF. We give women who are having a hard time holding their pregnancies progesterone suppositories that they insert before they go to sleep and this works really well.
There are a lot of women who can become pregnant but then have a hard time holding the pregnancy to term and end up having spontaneous abortions. They are then able to carry pregnancies to term where they couldnt before. What is the Role of the Level of Progesterone during Pregnancy. The leading cause of this is women not having enough progesterone.
Some doctors are concerned that using progesterone may simply delay a miscarriage that will happen anyway. Those who are concerned and decide not to use the supplements point to the fact that there is no proof that they work. Frequent blood draws will indicate when you can begin weaning off the progesterone. Doctors and women who choose to use progesterone supplements say that this is simply helping the body with a hormone it's already producing.