Mvc3 required attribute not working

Posted on 11.06.2018 by Renate
I am working on an MVC app, which has a registration form where I want to use the Compare, Required and Regex attributes for email validation. NET MVC custom DataAnnotationsModelValidator not working.

RegularExpression, ErrorMessage Please enter a valid e-mail address Required.

MVC HttpPost attribute not working. Why does this protected attribute not work. I use the protected modifier in the following code but it is not working as I would expect. EmailAddress DisplayName Email public string EmailAddress get. Search for the heading Granular Request Validation. See Html attributes for EditorFor in ASP. When I'm adding a new user it's required to enter the user name and the password, and when I'm updating it's required to enter only the user na.
Required attribute not working in asp. YoutubeLink, new id youTubeLinkTxt Html. CompareEmailAddress, ErrorMessage The email and confirmation email do not match. RegularExpression, ErrorMessage Please enter a valid e-mail address Required DataTypeDataType. Config like this In my cshtml view, I do this to make sure I see the CustomWebViewPage base type, I do. You can specify which values to exclude - you can let some html values thruogh whilst the others are validated.