Resetting airport express to factory settings

Posted on 13.06.2018 by Admin
If you previously used AirPort Utility to create profiles for your AirPort Express, theyre preserved when you reset your AirPort Express. When instructed to do so, press this button with a pen or straightened paperclip. Let go of the button after the amber light flashes. Click Restore previous settings, then click Next until you get to the final window.
Take off the cable as well, if you think thats convenient for you to handle the device. Image on how to reset airport express to factory settings. Maybe the device is unresponsive or you have messed up the settings while trying to apply a new settings whatever be it, the Airport Express could be reset in three ways. To reset the Airport Express to the factory defaults, the first thing to do is to take the Airport Express off its power source. When AirPort Utility indicates that setup is complete, click Done. The network name reverts to AppleNetwork xxxxxx where x is a letter or number. The AirPort Express password reverts to public.
Unplug your AirPort express from its power source. Locate the reset button on the base station, next to the ports. Typically and adapter should power up the box module, and turning it off does the job. Unplug your Airport express from the power source.