Htc one microphone not working during calls

Posted on 31.05.2018 by Admin
I have problem with my phones microphone. Switching to speaker alleviates the problem, but no one wants to have to use speak. We are here to Help with Happy.
Android microphone not working during call, what can I do now. My microphone does not work when receiving or calling someone. My HTC phones microphone does not work. During calls the other caller may report that you sound muffled and the sound quality is poor.

Microphone problem is there any quick trick to make it normal.

Watch this video tutorial if your microphone of mobile phone dont work during calls. During calls, the caller on the other side may report that your sound is not audible, or that the sound quality is not good. In call, other end says they can't hear me. However if I go to speaker phone they. Worked fine one day then next day it's not. What's the deal anyone else having this issue. Switching to the speaker may solve the problem, but its impossible to use the speaker all the time.