How to turn on wireless network connection windows 8

Posted on 14.06.2018 by Admin
If the network you are connecting to is secure, type in the security code for that wireless network. If you have a laptop or a PC with a wireless network adapter, you can see a list of available wireless networks in your area, and then connect to one of those networks.

In our example were trying to connect to is called harlemPhone.

I suggest that you buy USB wireless adaptors as they are quick and easy to install. For doing this just drag the White Button towards the right side by using your Mouse pointer. Press Windows key C to open the charm bar.
Pretty much all devices these days will have an inbuilt wireless connection that allows you to join available wireless networks. The wireless networks will only appear if your PC has a wireless network adapter installed, the adapter is turned on, and the wireless access point is in range. It will show you as the connection was Activated and your system will start connecting the WI-Fi connection. If you are using a touch based device you can simply Swipe Inward from the right side to open the Charms. Also, you can use them with different computers, unlike the card type adaptors that need to be installed on the motherboards. Click on Settings and then select Wifi.