How to restring trimmer line

Posted on 01.06.2018 by Eloy
Besides replacing your trimmer line whenever the spool is depleted, you should also replace it. If you wind the line the wrong way, you go through line really fast until it clogs up inside the bump head and you are forced to try again.
Thankfully, this is an incredibly easy project that you can accomplish in just a few minutes. How to restring cordless weed trimmer. How To Restring a Weedeater - Replace Trimmer Line - Basic Instructions. A string trimmer is a great way to maintain and care for your lawn. What are the Benefits of String Trimmer Line Sizes. How to Hang Bikes in a GarageThis Old House.

The first steps in restringing a weed eater are unplugging it, pulling out the spool and finding out what size trimmer line to use.

Don't do what I did and rewind the line in the direction. If you have a Ryobi trimmer like I do, it might have taken you a while to figure out the secret on how to rewind the line. Avoid winding weed eater line too tightly or too loosely. Start wrapping the replacement line in the direction shown on the spool.