How do cells regenerate atp from adp

Posted on 03.06.2018 by Augustina
Is there a way to transport ATP through the cell membrane. This literally spins this turbine looking thing like in hydroelectric power that then turns ADP into ATP by giving the activation energy needed to combine a phosphate group to the ADP. This process mainly occurs through oxidative phosphorylation what a mouthful.
Where in the cell does this take place. Then, these hydrogen ions diffuse back into the central space of the mitochondrion, passing through ATP Synthase. It breaks down glucose to pyruvate and mak.
Skeletal muscles require large amounts of energy for mechanical work, so muscle cells contain more mitochondria than the cells of other tissue types. ATP and ADP are used in cellular respiration to produce sugars. How do cells generate ATP from ADP. How does a cell get energy from ATP. How do cells get energy from converting ATP to ADP. This little enzyme takes an ADP and an inorganic phosphate and creates ATP.