How does an orangutan survive in the rainforest

Posted on 04.06.2018 by Evalyn
The green area represents forest. International animal welfare organisation Four Paws is teaching orphaned baby orangutans how to survive in the wild. How do orangutsangs survive in the tropical rainforest. Loggers, farmers, poachers and pet dealers all play a role in the endangered orangutan's decline.
So when baby orangutans are left without anyone to learn from, they suffer in the wild, multiplying the horrible effects of their mothers dying. Do the two species of orangutans look different from one another. Usually this is to move from one stand of trees to another. A the WWF b Greenpeace c the IMF d the WHO.
Permanent disabilities like these destine an orangutan to life in captivity as it would never survive living free. They are perfectly suited to live in rainforests on top of the trees but they need to learn how to do so and they need to practice. It is assumed that one of the reasons for this, is because the tigers would be its main natural predator.