How to wrap bar tape like a pro

Posted on 05.06.2018 by Demetria
Takes a while to sink in for some. How to wrap bar tape perfectly Condor Cycles. How To Make Energy Gels Work For You Fuel Like A Pro Cyclist.
Changing the handlebar tape on your road bike is something of an art, and we look at how to get it right. How To Change Handlebar Tape Like A Pro Mechanic. Great vid and still different than the others.

Change your bar tape - Wrap your bars like a Professional.

Double layer or gel pads Roubaix style. Its the same reason they do multiple videos of wrapping bar tape. Not only can you improve the comfort, you can also make your. Wrap bar tape like a pro with Daniel Lloyd. Jon covers this and loads more with pro mechanic Ian Sherburne while discussing how they think bars should be wrapped.