How to make mortise and tenon jig

Posted on 31.05.2018 by Admin
Here at Fine Woodworking, youll find an unparalleled depth of content on how to lay out, cut, and fit mortise-and-tenon joints like a master. This jig makes cutting the the body cavity and neck tenon as well as setting the correct neck angle simple and precise. To make a cut that will fit snugly, a mortise and tenon jig is used in conjunction with a router.

A router is a power tool that has a spinning bit on the bottom of it.

Youre close to being ready to cut the tenon faces using your tenoning jig. There's no evidence of the joint when the parts are assembled. The router sits flat against the mortise and tenon jig, and the bit protrudes through the jig.
The piece of wood to be cut is then secured beneath the surface of the jig. Here's a blind mortise and tenon. Make a spacer equal in thickness to your panel stock plus your flat ground rip blade. Theres also seemingly no end of commercial and shopmade jigs that make it easier to cut mortises, tenons, or both. The generally acceptable method of cutting tenons and the method I used for most of my life, is to cut them on a table saw with a dado blade and miter gauge. Could you give me the basic demensions of the various parts of the jig.