How to cuff pants tightly

Posted on 01.06.2018 by Chiquita
Cuffed jeans is a pretty timeless trend. Dont turn your pants into knickers. There are many ways to cuff many pants, but four, in particular, should be staples of your cuffing quiver. Aim for the pant laying at the top of the shoe.
The article is great and all, but the act of rolling your pants is not something easily shown in still images, so do yourself a favor and watch the video below for the fully experience. Only cuff on slimmer fit jeans. It sounds simple, but the ins and out of rolling your pants can be complicated. Although you can technically cuff any cut of pant, it works best with ones that are tapered. So, let's just jump right into it.
The Pinroll works best with shoes that are slimmer and narrower, like a driving moc or Nike Roshe Runs. Also, try to stay away from thicker fabrics, as they dont fold as tightly and tend to bunch up. Do I have to participate in the cuffed jeans trend. This cuff works especially well with slim fit jeans. With the exception of jeans and boots, you should only be rolling your pants in the spring and summer, unless youre in a climate where its warm all year-round.