Why was the united states called the arsenal of democracy during world war ii

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A year after the Arsenal of Democracy addressthe United States entered the war. US and Russia were natural rivals, Capitalist vs Communist, Democracy vs Stalin's Dictatorship. What did Soviet Union do during World War II. What were the dirtiest tactics employed during World War II.
Roosevelt envisioned when he called on the United States to become the arsenal of democracy. They ended up on the same side. What was the point of the Soviet Union taking Konigsberg after World War II. And when Germany attacked Russia and Japan attacked US. Was the Soviet Union out of manpower after World War II.

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What was it like for the Italians fighting the Soviet Union during War World II. How did the Allies of World War I become allies. Insecticides and bactericides Various agricultural insecticides, termination and poisons. How did the United States increase production of war goods during World War II. Why does the United states consider its self The arsenal of Democracy when it's actually a Republic.