How to add two different headers in word

Posted on 25.05.2019 by Mikel
Delete or change a header or footer on other pages besides the first. Step-by-step instructions for using section breaks so you can have different headers on different pages of your Microsoft Word document. You can leave this area blank or add a different header or footer for this page only. Learn how to change your email inbox to list messages in the order they come in.
Divide the document into different sections using Section break to achieve this. To change a document's header or footer in a Word document, you should add a section break first. Now the text is at the top of the next page.
How to fix position of an image in a Word document. Select Section Breaks Next Page. Now, if you scroll back up to the first page, you can see that the header is still blank, because the two headers are no longer linked. Suppose your document has five chapters and you need to insert unique header and footer details to each section, the below procedure does exactly that.