How to make a cement mixer cake

Posted on 02.06.2018 by Classie
How to make and take a cement mixer shot. Making your own can be a much easier and cheaper way of obtaining one. This hand-operated homemade cement mixer is very simple to make. Begin the mixer by fabricating the three in-the-drum paddles that will do the blending.
How to Make an Indiana Jones Shot. You want to grab the most rot-gut vodka you can possibly find in your bar. This drink can also be layered into one shot glass. This article will guide you with some simple steps.
So we have this shot just for you. How to Make a Conan the Barbarian Shot. But don't worryit's a lot more pleasant than it sounds. Baileys first then layer on the lime juice. The manner in which the ingredients in this shot drink are mixed together causes a sensation resembling the action of a cement mixer in the mouth when drinking it down.