What is viroid give some examples

Posted on 04.06.2018 by Cassaundra
Some have polyhedral shapes like influenza virus, and some have very complex shapes like bacteriophages. Viroids are subviral and they consists of only of naked strand of nucleic acid without a protein coat.
Some cause economically important diseases of crop plants, while others appear to be benign. Viruses which attack bacteria are called bacteriophages. Dapple plum and peach fruit disease viroid Cadang-cadang is a disease caused by Coconut cadang. What began as a search for virus-like agents that cause disease in plants has lead to new insights into the evolution of life. Viroids are small, unencapsidated ssRNA molecules- the smallest known pathogen of plants. Why some viroids cause disease is not known does it provide some selective advantage, or is it an accident. They likely do not give rise to small RNAs that silence plant genes, but this has not been proven.

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Citrus gummy bark viroid Grapevine viroid. One may be hepatitis C in humans. The apple scar skin, cleus blemei and coconut cadang-cadang viroids are the examples of viroids. What are some examples of viroids. Examples of Viroids Viroid Pospiviroidae Avsunviroidae Viroids are the smallest infectious pathogens known. The term viroid has recently introduced by. A viroid is sub viral, smallest agent of infectious disease.