How do i unmute sound on my mac

Posted on 04.06.2018 by Spring
You can also click the sound icon from the taskbar and then click on the speaker icon, it will unmute your sound. You should also check other sound sources, like iTunes and QuickTime movies to find out if they can play sound. Just click speaker icon on taskbar, or click Fn button that unmute sound on your laptop keyboard. How to check your sound settings.

Depending on the model of your laptop, there may be a key or key combination on the keyboard to handle the same function.

When I go to system oreferences and go to sounds, it shows the sound is muted, but the box that is checked is grey and won't respond to clicking. If the sound has stopped working on your Mac, the volume controls are greyed out, or there is a red light beside the headphone jack, here's what to do. How to fix a Mac that won't play sound through the TV. I videotaped a presentation - the speaker was using PP projector close to him close to his lapel mike - sound volume on my camera was quite low. I just got a new Imac and am new to Mac. I don't seem to be able to unmute it.

Have your MacBook speakers stopped working.

Make sure the Mute box isnt checked. Has your MacBook Pro got no sound. In the slider that appears, there should be another similar icon. If youre running the latest version of macOS and your sound still isnt working, the next step is to check your Sound settings. It may be that theres no sound on your Mac because it wont play audio in a specific app. If thats not available as an option, contact Apple Support. Check if the volume slider is low, if so slide it to the right and check the sound again.