How to polish small pieces of petrified wood

Posted on 30.05.2018 by Leontine
How do you polish petrified oak wood. Usually tumblers come with instructions.

You may have to follow this procedure for weeks in order to get a rock to the high gloss you desire, but repeated tumbling will eliminate the detail in the grain of wood.

The art and artistry of petrified wood. To polish small pieces of petrified wood, you can use a rock tumbler, which is a small device that does all of the hard work for you. Small pieces of petrified wood are quite common and not worth very much. You can then polish these slices, called slabs, on a flat-lap, which is a vibrating usually circular piece of lapidary equipment. Like in a tumbler, you go from coarse to fine grit to smooth out your slab, then the final polish. How to on polishing large pieces of wood. How Does Size Affect the Value of Petrified Wood.
For larger pieces of petrified wood that do not fit in a rock tumbler, you might want to try using a rotary polisher, which is a handheld tool that allows you to buff the rock until it is polished. How to polish rocks by hand tools is demonstrated here in this video. Bulk lots of these pieces are often purchased for even less per individual sample. Small pieces may be polished in a rock tumbler with jasper or other rocks of similar hardness. You work from coarse grit to fine, and then the polish step. Petrified wood is fascinating to look at, but you must learn how to polish petrified wood if you want to put it on display. Fortunately, because of its petrified state, this wood can be polished in a tumbler just like any rock or stone.