Explain why the blood glucose concentration becomes high after eating a meal

Posted on 30.05.2018 by Clair
B Cells in the stomach wall release gastric juice after a meal. Ketones changed from high during fasting to lower after eating and even after hour three because it first they were needed to generate ATP but droped because they were not needed as much for fuel. Your cells rely on glucose for energy. Hyperglycemia means high hyper glucose gly in the blood emia.
People with diabetes may become hyperglycemic if they don't keep their blood glucose level under control by using insulin, medications, and appropriate meal planning. The graph shows how the volumes of gastric juice produced by nervous stimulation and by hormonal stimulation change after a meal. The level or concentration of sugar in the blood is regulated by hormones, including insulin. The level of blood glucose controls secretion of both glucagon and insulin via negative feedback. Your friend participates in strenuous world-class competition that lasts for four hours or more. The Dietary Scientists have developed a new type of margarine containing plant ingredients they think will lower blood cholesterol levels in people who use the margarine. The scientists then investigated mice with a mutation that prevents their liver cells making glucose.
Your body needs glucose to properly function. When the concentration of ketone bodies in the blood rises above normal the ketone bodies, most of which are acids, must buffered. State when glucose storage capability was highest and why. Hyperglycemia means the amount of sugar glucose in the blood is elevated beyond normal. Eat glucose periodically during the event.