How to make a redirect page on tumblr when you change your url

Posted on 02.06.2018 by Tanisha
Type or paste the web address that the Page will redirect to. It also has a logo and I can't figure out how I could make that a link back to my home page when clicked on.

Sorry, something has gone wrong.

Or that redirects you to a page on tumblr so that you can sort out your tagged posts ex. The link will show up after a couple minutes. Another frequently-asked question we get is How can I make a link that takes you to all of my posts on a certain topic. And I changed it because it felt like the right thing to do. You can now tag us in fanart and the such as the state of limerence or, if its easier to you, tsol.
If you would like a page on your blog that redirects to another page either another webpage outside of tumblr ex. I just traded with someone and was hoping to move all my stuff over to it, but i'm seeing a lot of conflicting stories on how to do that. Com to whatever your new URL is. Change the Page Type from Standard Layout to Redirect. Now here is when it gets a bit complicated. This doesnt just always redirect old links to your new tumblrs homepage.