Hair dryer 3 heat settings

Posted on 02.06.2018 by Admin
Tourmaline-infused ceramic heater emits negative ions creating a healthy and shinier finish. You can choose cold air to not damage your hair, or you can choose the hottest temperature to dry out it in the shorter period of time. It has three temperatures and two speeds.
It will save your money and the joy of the purchase will not be eclipsed. Winners names may be made public. It has a little plastic loop on the end of the handle off the hairdryer so we are able to look at on a command hook and hang it from the bathroom wall. As I said, we had one for three years and it still works and we only bought this one to replace the one that our daughter took over. With a powerful motor in a compact futuristic black and read compact body. Hi, Thank you for your question. While high heat is appropriate for thick or coarse hair, low heat.

Reduces electrostatic charges and heat combined with strong air flow helps close cuticles, reducing frizz.

It has three heat settings and two-speed settings. Has brilliant heat and speed settings, extremely powerful, not heavy, not too large. It has a removable air filter for easy cleaning and maintenance. Its durable to last a lifetime. Lions much more expensive with metallic finish.