How to make high waisted shorts with pockets

Posted on 03.06.2018 by Johnette
Picking Out the Right High-Waisted Shorts. Find a cute pair of high waisted jeans.
After enduring low-rise shorts for so long, you may not know what to make of their chic high-rise cousins, but learning how to wear high. You can also put studs on the pockets or anywhere and use fabric paint to make leopard prints or other figures. Rocking this style can be a little costly for some, as far as out-of-pocket cost. High waisted shorts are everywhere this year. They are extremely popular amongst celebrities such as Lauren Conrad, Mischa Barton and Rumor Willis.
High waisted shorts are any shorts with a waistband that falls above the navel, and they can look great with a tank top or a tailored blouse. I made my new favorite pair of shorts, and I learned how to make pockets. You made it very easy to follow. High waisted shorts are an old trend come back from the dead. They are available in many fabrics and the styles range from fitted, to pleated and bulky. You can bleach them by hand or in a washing machine. High waisted is actually good for hiding a belly.