How to deal with breakups guys

Posted on 04.06.2018 by Larraine
It came down to be too much to put into the article I was writing, so we decided that I should throw it all into an installment of Decoding Male Behavior. As a counselor, Im given a front row seat to the male mind in the immediate aftermath of a break up. Being alone isnt all that bad for guys. This makes sense when one considers most of us dont like talking about our feelings.
Contrary to whats depicted in popular culture, most guys dont use booze to cope. This helps them feel better emotionally because they are doing something new to make them feel useful and to make their home cozier and more inviting. In an attempt to deal with a broken heart, men will nest. Often, after a breakup, he will set out to drown his sorrows by. The ways guys deal with breakups is conditioned by two factors.
These are all the things hes probably put off for years just because he didnt want to do it for lots of different reasons. The first is rooted in nurture, which is the culture within which they were raised. Putting some art on the walls and maybe buying some plants might also happen. Hes going to go out and stock up on canned fruit and veggies and other supplies for the fridge and cupboards. The second is genetics, or nature.