How to drop cap in indesign

Posted on 05.06.2018 by Leann
Make sure to have a text box and some text to work with before continuing. When starting a new paragraph in Adobe InDesign CC, you can create a drop cap using the drop cap tool to emphasize the first letter, increasing the number of lines it takes up. Its defiantly a good technique worth knowing how to do if you are a Graphic Designer its essential and certainly something, which you will need to do at your design career. This will override the larger drop cap with the original character's dimensions, so that the formatting stays clean.
However, depending on the project, you might want to use a drop cap more frequently. For example, the drop cap can be a different font or color, just to create some stylistic contrast. This tutorial will show you how to add a drop cap to paragraphs. This is a great technique which is commonly used in magazines, newspapers and newsletters. How to wrap text around an image using indesign. Highlight with your type cursor the first letter of the paragraph, or simply place your cursor somewhere into the paragraph.
Fill the frame with the paragraph of text you would like to add a drop cap too. You can apply a character style to the drop-cap character or characters in a paragraph. If your drop cap looks out of alignment with the rest of the paragraph, you can select Align Left Edge.