Saints row 4 how to get alien ship

Posted on 05.06.2018 by Admin
Approach it and press E to destroy it. Learn To Damage The Alien Presence. Follow this guide from Gamers Heroes if youre struggling to find out how to unlock the Singularity Gun in Saints Row IV.

Head over to the real world via any portal you have opened so far.

Watch for its stomps, telekinesis, and laser blasts. Besides, you can get access to this suit after beating the game once. Head over to the western part of Steelport Yearwood and get ready to cause some Tank Mayhem.
To deactivate the barrier, destroy generators. Talk to Johnny Gat to kick things off you can find him down the stairs to the right. Go to where the star indicates. There's either a bug of some sort or I clearly suck at piloting alien air crafts. Personally, I had to travel hours and hours in an alien ship to get this done.