How to grow hyacinth bulbs outdoors

Posted on 30.05.2018 by Tamie
The bulbs are good for only a single season in pots, but planting them out to the garden after blooming allows them to continue and grow for many years. Ideal for growing in containers, window boxes or garden borders, try growing hyacinth bulbs indoors too for fragrant Christmas gifts or simply to brighten up your own home.
Place in a cool dark place well ventilated until top growth is about four inches tall. When buying Hyacinth bulbs at your local gardening center, look for bulbs which are heavy and without any spots, cuts, or softness. Growing hyacinths in bulb glasses or vases. Single hyacinth bulbs are frequently planted in bulb glasses, filled with water. Read on to learn more about how to care for hyacinth.

The bulb is placed in the neck of the glass and the water should reach to a point just below the base of the bulb.

Add potted hyacinth to your indoor spaces and invite a bit of spring color into your home. We may use cookies on this website. Growing these bulb plants indoors allows you to force them into bloom in late winter so that you do not have to wait to enjoy their beauty. Get the best results with our expert advice on planting and growing hyacinths.