What is fresh side pork

Posted on 05.06.2018 by Raleigh
After smoking your pork sides you will end up with bacon. We have some simple plans on how to go about making a number of different smokehouses on the website. Essentially, its naked bacon that can go anywhere as far as flavor depending on what spices you add.
A side by side comparison of Kune pork and commercial pork. Since the slices of fresh side pork you buy look just like cured bacon it was a way to convey an image. Perhaps our readers have some more ideas. Here's what the pork belly looks like after marinating in th. Fresh Side Pork Bacon Recipe - Group Recipes. What sliced pork tasted like before it underwent a curing process to become today's bacon nitrates and nitrites. Click here to add your own comments.
You could also grind the meat to make sausages, or if you don't want to do either, then you could just pan fry the meat with a little oil and seasoning, serve with mash and gravy. Because you have allergies I suggest instead of curing the pork, if you can, smoke it. Pork back ribs vs side ribs the debate rages on. A cut of pork taken from the fresh pork side of the flank area.