What is incognito mode android

Posted on 31.05.2018 by Cassaundra
This feature works only for Android, and is compatible only with the Android stock browser and Google chrome for Android. Looks can be deceiving because when you navigate to tabs other than Home and Trending, you will. Private, modes are for and now YouTube users on will be able to enjoy a moment of privacy for their viewing activities. Youtube has recently added a feature to its Android Application Incognito mode.
Generally, all the Android users know about the Incognito mode on the android devices. To know more regarding it, you need to take a visit to this guide What is Incognito Mode on Android. Privacy has always been a delicate thing on the internet. Other people which are using your device will not see any activity that you have done in incognito mode.
After displaying a note on what will happen, you will seemingly be dumped back to an ordinary-looking YouTube app. This is what an incognito tab looks like. Although, to boost up their knowledge regarding the same, here is something you would get interesting.