Rk3066 ubuntu install

Posted on 31.05.2018 by Marco
If you're a beginner noob and you don't feel confident with binaries and source files we suggest you to follow this procedure about how to creating a bootable micro sd card from image. Source Log in to leave a comment. Recently, I tried this new distribution called danuntu and had good results. It might work on other distros but then your mileage may vary.
However, even though all the models above use more or less the same hardware, overall performance may differ due to the firmware used. The installation procedure is detailed on PicUntu website. Not ALL the addons work because they scrape websites and websites change all the time so they can break on occasion. Easy to install and dual-boot does not erase your Android installation. I'm working on getting Linux to run on a tablet PC.

You can also use something like Picuntu, but a it's based on a non-LTS.

I searched for some good tutorials on the net, but almost every tutorial i found had some links included that were down, so i could not get the right files etc. If you are stuck with a model with buggy firmware, dont worry as one of the attractions of using an Android device is that the firmware. - MetalSlug and other Retro Consoles at full speed and HW Accelerated.