How to find variable cost econ

Posted on 01.06.2018 by Delana
Higher per-unit variable costs may suggest that a company is less efficient than others, whereas a lower per-unit variable cost might represent a competitive advantage. Then, find data on the average variable cost for that company's industry. Take the average of the variable costs - this is the average of the variable costs.

Calculate variable cost per unit and total variable cost for a given company.

How can I figure out the total variable cost. In economics, how do you find the total variable cost. In business you would also want to consider every facet of the potential expenses.
How do you calculate total variable cost. It depends on the specific situation. The latter is usually time but it doesn't have to be - it depends on why you want to know the average usually you are looking for a representative value for some reason - why. Why we divide total cost into fixed cost and variable cost. Variable cost is the difference between the cost of producing two goods.