What is all purpose flour

Posted on 25.05.2019 by Laverna
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Flours containing part of the grain's germ such as whole wheat turn rancid quickly because of the oil in the germ. It's all-purpose, which means exactly that - you can use it for cakes, and breads, and cookies. What is all-purpose flour is a question that comes to the minds of people often since there are so many types of flour available in the market. Bread flour is contains harder wheat to increase the stiffness of the final bread product.

Pastry flour, cake flour, are different.

This flour is used to make a wide variety of food items like puri, chappathi, parotta, etc. Flour is a generic word that is used to refer to finely ground powder of any kind of edible grain. Maida is sometimes referred to as All purpose flour. Temperatures higher than that invite bugs and mold. What is the best all-purpose flour.