Td column width not working

Posted on 02.06.2018 by Admin
DataTables makes column width that have nothing to do with the set options. I've heard that this style of table layout is faster as well, which. Am I misunderstanding completely, how this works. Not web layouts, because reasons.

I imagine most uses will be like this.

The problem is that all columns are displaying with equal width despite the fact that i am explicitly defining each column width. But the width property doesn't work. If one way isn't work you can try another one. I know I could use CSS, but it's basically data in a table, and needs the td's need to be a specific width.
Does anyone know why this happens, and what the work around is. Why are above width values are not working. Hi, when I use javascript say jQuery, or Scriptaculous, or Prototype on my web page my Table formatting does not work.