Why is google maps so much better than apple maps

Posted on 03.06.2018 by Ginny
So I have to give Apple credit for integrating Apple Maps so well into the Apple Watch. Were all aware of Googles street view mode, right.

Surprisingly, even most Apple users rely on Google Maps rather than picking the default navigation app offered by iOS.

But over time developers surely invested a lot of time and efforts to update Apple Maps and now theres nothing that it doesnt offer. Initially, Apple Maps did have a rocky start and wasnt much preferred as a go-to navigation app by users. It does not matter if you are in a completely new country, the app on your phone will be able to guide you to your destination without any problems. Apple will improve their service, but there is little prior evidence to suggest Apple will dramatically increase its staff to service a mapping product. Apple Maps is definitely worth a second look. Instead I was using a program called Navigon, which is a dedicated GPS program for iOS devices. Without an investment in people hitting the road, Apple will lag.
So, lets discuss each one of em in detail. Well, Apple has been around for more than two decades even before the millennials with their fancy Google came into existence. As technology has advanced so much in recent years, everything has become more and more convenient for people. Apple Products evolved to use internet in due course of time which also held huge fan base.