Why do dancers roll one trouser leg up

Posted on 03.06.2018 by Kacy
Do you roll up your trouser legs and why. Pursuing an inquiry, that's what it is. From jeans to trousers, we have you covered. This of course trickled down from the videos to everyone else.

Scratch my balls, I'll scratch yours.

I think they do it because they think it looks cool, but it really doesn't. The reason dancers do it is because they tend to wear baggy pants. Harvey I don't get the meaning of that particular sentence, help very much appreciated.
If your lower body is shorter, a well-executed turn up on a fitted trouser will give off the impression of a longer, leaner leg. The crowd is then wowed more becaus. This is really key if your upper legs are more muscular than your calves turning the hem will balance you out by creating subtle volume on your lower leg.