Why is ming hongwu important

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Why did Bangladesh separate from Pakistan. Hongwu also decreed that unoccupied lands would become the tax-exempt property of those who cleared and cultivated them. Commerce was never recognized as a progressive force. Consequently, Hongwus edicts tied millions of his subjects to their farmland, and prohibited Chinese merchants from trading with foreigners along coastal cities.

Blue-and-white wares of the Hongwu period are rarer than their copper-red counterparts which has been attributed to the scarcity of imported cobalt as a result of strictly regulated foreign trade.

What steps did Hongwu take during the Ming Dynasty to improve peasant life. Especially so since the Ming were overthrowing the foreign Mongols who originally broke the precedent. He lowered forced labor demands on the peasantry by both the government and members of the gentry class. Hongwu promoted public works projects, including dike building and the extension of irrigation systems aimed at improving the farmers' yields. After China was brought back together culturally under the Ming, they started to prosper.

Important port cities like Quanzhou which flourished as Venice of the Far East under Mongol rule declined rapidly during the Ming Dynasty.

Hongwu also claimed the Mandate of Heaven and named the dynasty Ming, which stands for brilliant. Hongwu even reinstituted civil service examinations. During the war, Chinese land was destroyed and traces of Mongol influence were torn apart. With the prospering, the population began to rise which led to diversity and an expansion of culture. Hongwu also promoted silk and cotton loth production and other handicrafts that provided supplemental income for peasant households.