How to make a harry potter death eater costume

Posted on 30.05.2018 by Pamala
Learn how to make a Death Eater costume. Maroon and Gold are the colors of Gryffindor house, and you'll need to show them off on Harry's tie, scarf and robe. You can make a mask that fits your face perfectly with just a little newspaper and some glue. The Hooded Cape You'll need a large black robe or cape.
Com DIY Fashion's Easy Pencil Wand for kids, or one of the many wand tutorials available on Leaky Crafts in the Woodwork and Other Crafts sections, or spring for a toy Harry Potter wand. When making a Luna costume, radish or dirigible plum earrings are essential to completing the costume. Com in their DIY Fashion section.

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Separate each color of clay into equal halves and roll them into balls. After you've made your mask, it's easy to paint on your death eater designs. There are over a hundred unlock-able characters to play as in the game. Going as Death Eaters and wreck havoc. Clothes Wear a pair of black slacks, or make your own simple black drawstring pants using the tutorial available on about.