How to create an application form in word 2003

Posted on 31.05.2018 by Basilia
The real secret to doing a form or ballot in Word is to set up a Table first. Find this command under Insert. Apart from entering text in mere lines, Microsoft Office Word allows you the liberty to present information in the form a table.

Because Microsoft Word disables it by default.

Click the Download button, and an application will open as a new Word document. When applicants click in the cell, they will be presented with a list of options from which to choose. This will keep everything aligned. Techwalla - What Are Your Familys Tech Rules. I may have use for these advanced features someday, but for creating a basic form, they're too much. Three Ways to Create a Powerpoint Presentation. Type Employment Application in the Templates on Office Online box and click the Search button.
Enter other data into the Source field of the Data Validation box to create custom lists. Click Blank Document, and then Click OK. To do this, use either of the following methods. How do you create a fillable form in MS Word.