Why does comet tail always point away from sun

Posted on 31.05.2018 by Admin
Why does comet tail always point away from sun. Why does a comet form a tail when it approaches near the Sun.
Comet tails point away from the sun because of. Because a comet is made of ice, and when it gets close to the sun, the solar wind vaporizes the ice, creating tail which always points away from the sun. A comet generally has two tails, not one. The tail is made of varying sizes of ice particles and chunks. One tail is due to the comet's dust particles, the other is due to ionized gas from the comet coma. Basically, the solar wind - coming from the Sun - pushes particles from the comet outwards. The solar wind a faint outstreaming of solar material pushes comets' tails out, away from the sun.

IE the comet is always between the sun and and the tail.

The behaviour of the tails of comets. What kind of tail of a comet always points away from the sun. Does one side of the moon always face the sun. Why do comet tail point away from the sun. It is the dust tails and other cometary debris which forms the frequent meteor showers from where particular comets have crossed the orbit of Earth.